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Tiquer \ tēk-ər \
  1. person who gives and gets TIQ – affordable and expert feedback or critique.
  2. virtual platform for students, jobseekers, and writers seeking tiq to achieve their goals while giving to elephants and the world.
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Tell us what you need
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Get good tiq now

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  • We are good peeps just like you. We believe in growing you to grow all of us and the world, which is why we give part of your tiq payment to elephants and wildlife conservation.

For the Math (and Writing) Nerds Like Us . . .

Our Tiquer family, symbolized by Ti or π, is like the number pi, which is the ratio of the circumference of any circle to its diameter. Regardless of the circle's size, this ratio always equals pi, the infinite number 3.141592653… Similarly, Tiquer’s mission in giving you affordable and expert tiq is to grow all of us, elephants, and the world in an infinite and mutually beneficial circle.

Tiquer Infinite Circle 2